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From Astro Boy (2003) ep. 32 “Secret of the Blue Knight”

From Astro Boy (2003) ep. 31 “Gunon’s Great Adventure”

From Astro Boy (2003) ep. 26 “The Blue Knight”

simontblr (from this site) used to have these amazing animations on his deviantART, and I knew I’d regret not taking the time to save them.

My favorite thing about the bears caressing Astro is that for the one on the far left you can actually see his arm moving. That means even though you can’t see it, that bear is caressing Astro’s butt. They animated it caressing Astro’s butt and hid it under another layer of bears. Only the animators got to see it.

From Astro Boy (2003) ep. 23 “Atom in Outland”

When I first got into Tezuka I assumed every fan were into his cute boy characters because they were the most beautiful, out of this world, things I had ever seen. But as it turns out, nearly every Tezuka character, including the vile-looking ones, or goofy ones, have at least some people who are attracted to them, and I think that’s wonderful and speaks volumes about Tezuka’s character designing and creating abilities.

I’m so glad we live in a world where an anime was made in which Astro goes up a slide the wrong way and then slides down the stairs.

Last week was kind of too good for words.

kokokatsup replied:

You should really just ignore all that bratty behavior. As for me, I’m going to watch Little Astro Boy specifically for vile reasons so hard tonight and no one can stop me. >: )

I ignored her for a really long time, but she’s reached the point where now I enjoy making her life miserable the more she continues her folly and it’s all her fault. She’s actually doing this to herself.


Tumblr user darling-cyber-deer continuing to be a filthy liar, as I called it.

(also no don’t use her link, the audio is slightly unsynced this week. Use the YouTube one)

Are you kidding me.

It’s only been one day since a truce was made that darling-cyber-deer and I would lay off on each other’s back, and apparently she’s trying to get my blog deleted?

Gee I sure was wrong in assuming she was lying.

EDIT: it might have been something she did before and is only mentioning it now. But still not really excusable and I just want her to shut up about me is that so much to ask.

Isn’t it great that she says I’ve been harassing her behind her back (like 2 posts and a half?) when she has been doing it to me for months? Heck, I let her do it for like one month without saying anything at first, being more mature, and thinking she would tire. She didn’t tire. She must have at least 20 posts talking trash about me just for my sexual tastes and that’s only counting reblogs of my posts. Then there’s the other posts I saw her write, and all of those I haven’t seen.


It seems that someone is taking the indirect approach…

I don’t care whose friend he is; he was never mine, and now he never will be. Friendship does not excuse his behavior, anyhow, no matter what you think. Do not let rose-colored glasses blind you to what he is, and what he has done.

Simply put, if he’ll lay off of me, then I’ll lay off on him. After all, the very source of contention between us isn’t the only subjectively horrible thing he’s done.

Also, notice how I am not naming names. Considering his stalker tendencies, though, he’ll know I said this, anyways. No matter; I’ve Ignored him, so at least I won’t see anymore of his bullshit- and the less we see, the less we speak of it.

Simply put, if he’ll lay off of me, then I’ll lay off on him.

Well shit, that’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted all along. Don’t talk like you didn’t start it.

Let’s try it out. I have a feeling you’re lying though.

Can you stop? I know you don't like Darling-Cyber-Deer but you are being incredibly creepy and rude. Please stop watching her and making posts and screencaps about what she's doing. Involving Maggie, who is only 15, made it even worse. Saying how you masturbated to her picture (a picture of a 9 year old boy, and something she probably drew when she was a minor) was completely unnecessary and crossing the line.

She is still reblogging my Astro Boy posts and dehumanizing me in her tags (or in other posts that have nothing to do with me). Should I take screencaps of that as well? I know your intentions are good but she does not deserve to be defended in any way, shape or form. She is literally one of the worst piece of trash I’ve had the displeasure of interacting with online.

I was on Maggie’s side in that argument I linked to. Or if you mean that recent incident where she wanted to pick a fight with me, how am I to blame for that?

And darling-cyber-deer was not a minor when she drew that. As sad as it is to say, she is an adult who is perfectly aware of her actions and chooses to pursue them no matter how wrong and harmful. I know by now that she won’t stop by her own free will, but if she starts to change even a little from pressure because of everyone turning against her, then all the better.